Slender in Savannah 

Shape Your Future!

Slender in Savannah combines a total-body weight loss program with spot fat-reduction using the Contour Light to help you achieve the body you desire.

Our Weight Loss Solutions can help you safely shed pounds and inches while building lean muscle.** The exceptional nutrition in our products can help you manage stress, improve your sleep and your energy level. Our Energy Solution can help you wake in the morning refreshed and ready for the day. Your energy lasts throughout the day keeping you motivated and alert.** Our Performance Solutions can help build and maintain lean muscle. Get the most out of your gym time and recover faster. Our Healthy Aging Solutions are precisely formulated to combat the causes of aging. This unique, long-term program, includes Product B – a telomere support system.

There are no laxatives, stimulants, diuretics, dyes, sweeteners, or fillers. The products are low-glycemic, soy-free, and gluten-free. The dairy protein is sourced from “Cheerful Cows” not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. All-natural ingredients with essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals provide nutritional support for your body. Energy boosting carbohydrates, high-quality protein, and healthy fats in a perfect 40/30/30 ratio deliver a balanced diet needed to achieve and maintain health. The weight loss plans are also available in Kosher and dairy-free systems.

Contour Light offers a safe and effective spot fat-reduction solution that can be applied to many problem areas such as, waistline, belly, back, buttocks, thighs, and arms. In 25-minute sessions, you are free to relax, read or listen to music. Immediately after each treatment session, you use the vibration plate as part of the the process of burning calories. 

**Your results may vary.