Body Contouring & Weight Loss

During your initial consultation you will meet with our friendly, knowledgeable consultants to discuss your goals. Body contouring sessions, weight loss systems, and auriculotherapy plans can be purchased separately or in any combination depending on your goals.

Body Contouring

Light Therapy is not new!
What is new is that light therapy is being used to target fat cells.  Impressive spot reduction can be achieved anywhere on the body including the arms, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

The Contour Light integrates red (635nm) and near infrared (880nm) wavelengths of light with a patent-protected reflective coating to maximize results.


womans belly
man belly
contour light 1
contour light 2
contour light 3

*Pictures are Contour Light Sessions with modified eating plan. 

No downtime time! Get your beach body without surgery. Get your six-pack abs without pain.

It’s like a challenge!
I’ve been on the Weight Loss Program & the Contour Light for 2 weeks – I’ve lost 24 pounds, which is good but I actually feel better. My wife says I have a bit of a glow about me. I’m having fun doing it. – Eric

I’m feeling great!
It’s amazing! I’m using the Contour Light and lost 5 inches so far. So, if anyone is thinking about it – don’t hesitate.   – Karen


Weight Loss Program

Not a fad diet or a colon cleanse. You won’t lose “water weight” or be running to the bathroom.

All-natural ingredients with essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals! This flexible weight loss program support your body with nutrition to metabolize fat, especially visceral fat. Flexible programs are completely safe for long-term use.

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  • No dyes or artificial colors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No fillers
  • No artificial flavors
  • No stimulants
  • No laxatives
  • No diuretics
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Low glycemic
  • Vegetarian & Kosher options available
    Terry Hansen Weight Loss
    Talia Preston Weight Loss
    Rachel Olsen Weight Loss
    Peter Oelmann Healthy Aging
    Mike Bellis Weight Loss
    Laurie Foster Weight Loss
    Craig Coleman Weight Loss
    Belinda Sloan Weight Loss

Auriculotherapy/Ear Seeds

Are you eating healthier or dieting to lose weight but hunger and cravings are making it so difficult?
Auriculotherapy wakes up the nerves and stimulation of the “hunger point”, along with other points, naturally boosts metabolism, curbs cravings, and suppress hunger.

  •  No pain
  • No side effects
  • Completely non-invasive
  • Works with any diet program


It actually works!
The first day with the ear seeds, I didn’t feel the hunger any more, and I still wasn’t sure if it is maybe the placebo effect. But it continued. After a week, I already lost a few lbs and it was a good sign. Now 5 weeks later, I lost 20 lbs, and I weigh less than I could ever imagine before I put on the ear seeds. Thank you!
– Sason

Fight cravings, impulse eating and get back on track with your diet!
I needed an extra boost as I’m trying to kickstart my diet & exercise program after spinal surgery. I happily grab a bit of anything to eat & have had a serious issue trying to stop. Within the first day, I already noticed a significant drop in my cravings and impulse snacking, plus I feel more full and satisfied after eating meals much smaller than normal.
 – Christine


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Weight-loss reslts may vary. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight or exercise program. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs.