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A Season for Spectacular Transformation! 

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Summer ends and autumn begins.

As we return to the schedules we had before the summer sun put us on “vacation”, we want to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

We start to remember where we’ve been & decide where we want to be next year.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What did you accomplish? What memories did you make? What promises did you keep?

Now is the time to have your own amazing transformation. Slender in Savannah will help you! Lose fat & inches quickly, easily, and safely! The Contour Light System uses the most advanced technology to target and shrink fat cells where you want to lose the most inches. The newest FDA-Cleared technology will shrink fat cells – No pain! No downtime! No surgery! No side effects! Our all-natural weight loss products are designed to help you lose fat safely and quickly while building lean muscle. Our products are All Natural! No preservatives! No artificial colors or flavors! No fillers! AND they taste great! Weight loss has never been easier or more permanent!

Incredible spot-reduction anywhere you have excess fat is now possible! No more extra padding, rolls of fat, or uncomfortable bulges!

Please accept our gift to you – a Free Consultation!


                                              ​Anabelle with Contour Light and Weight Loss Program

I’m using the weight loss program and the Contour Light –                 I’m absolutely thrilled!  I’ve lost 20 pounds and 10 inches so far!  Thanks so much! – Anabelle

                                                    ​Jackie lost 20 lbs with Contour Light and Weight Loss Program

I’ve been using the weight loss program and the Contour Light for 30 days –  It’s amazing!                       So far, I’v lost 20 pounds!   
My energy has gone up & I feel great! It’s worth it!

 ​​Imagine . . . what it would be like to fit into your favorite jeans . . .  what it feels like to get compliments from your family & friends

But most of all – Imagine how it feels to be HAPPY WITH THE WAY YOU LOOK & FEEL!​​

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