About Us


“I love helping people get results and feel better about their lives,” described Jean Barone of Slender in Savannah. She and her husband, Dr. Phil, have helped countless people achieve their weight loss goals since the company opened in 2008. With Slender in Savannah you’ll get more than just someone telling you to eat less and exercise more. Instead, Jean uses state-of-the-art technology to help reach the results you want whether it’s to” spot reduce” or lose from 5 to 200 pounds.
“We use the Contour Light System, which is a basically the power of light, to release the fat from cells anywhere on the body. The fat is then turned into ready energy to be burned off. I chose to work with this technology because of the science behind the results. It’s indisputable,” Barone explained, “Our clients can simply pick the spot on their body that they would like the fat removed and our noninvasive light system will melt it away. It is a pain-free and drug-free method that uses red LED and near-infrared light. It’s even relaxing!” Business is growing for Slender in Savannah as they have recently moved to a more spacious location near Fox and Weeks Funeral Home off Hodgson Memorial Drive.
Jean and Dr. Phil offer several natural options to help you be healthy including high-quality weight loss products. They work with an international company that has created totally-natural meal replacement shakes, energy boosters, and supplements that can help you lose weight quickly, improve nutrition, and boost the immune system. Dr. Phil is also a licensed chiropractor with 28 years’ experience. Before coming to Savannah, they owned a medical management company in New York. They understand customer satisfaction and encourage you to drop by and discuss your health goals. Twice a month, Jean and Dr. Phil can also be found at Lucky’s Market where they offer complimentary body composition reports. The body composition report is included with a free consultation at their office and gives a full view of overall health. “We provide a free report including weight, body mass index, water percentage, body type, and more,” Barone explained, “I always tell people to be honest with themselves first if they want to get on track to improve health and lose weight. Once you are honest with yourself, we can help you from there.”

Slender in Savannah can help you lose weight for the last time.