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“While vacationing with family in beautiful Savannah, I discovered Slender in Savannah and took the opportunity do something for myself! After just three short weeks, I was able to lose 3 inches from my waist during the holidays! I highly recommend Slender in Savannah to anyone who wants to look good and feel great!! Thanks.” -Virginia T

“I had a baby about a year ago and gained weight with him.  I was eating a lot of junk food because it is so much easier to eat than prepare food when the baby is fussy.  I wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself again.  The Contour Light was the best motivator for me.  Not only am I eating healthier, drinking tons of water, and getting more exercise; I’ve lost a lot of inches and pounds.  If anyone is looking for a lifestyle change, I would recommend the Contour Light.”   -Stephanie M. 

 “I was very skeptical to try the Contour Light.  I have had huge results with the old fashion way of losing weight.  I had been already eating a balanced diet and working in out religiously.  I was extremely happy with my results so far.  Not only have I lost inches, but my cellulite has smoothed out.  I could never notice a difference in the cellulite with just eating correctly and exercise.”  -Melissa V 

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